Aeromedical Escort

Air transport aboard a commercial airline flight - sitting or supine - using a Wheelchair, Stretcher or a LH PTC is a cost efficient solution for non-critical patients who have to travel considerable distances.

Selection of the appropriate route and airline, medical clearance of the case (
MEDIF, MEDA), deploying the appropriate Medical Escort, coordinating corresponding ground Ambulances and Hospitals at a single point of contact: MAS

Our reliable, highly competent and service oriented Medical Escorts are Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics who are trained in aviation and travel medicine. They will assist you throughout your journey. Beginning with picking up your patient from the Hospital, guidance through check-in procedure as well as luggage collection and ending with a qualified handover to an Ambulance or Hospital after reaching final destination.

Our Escorts carry standardized Equipment including ECG/SaO2/BP Monitors, Pharmaceuticals and sets for Emergency interventions e.g. IV drips, Oxygen and more.

STCR Onboard Stretcher
(courtesy of Deutsche Lufthansa)

Lufthansa Patient Transport Compartment (PTC)

Lufthansa German Airline's PTC is an innovative concept to transfer intensive care patients, that usually would have to be transported by an Ambulance Jet, on long-haul flights.

The PTC consists of a separate compartment that is installed on passenger aircraft (Boeing 747, Airbus A340 and A380) containing a fully equipped Mobile Intensive Care Unit, including Ventilators, Monitoring, Resuscitation Equipment and so forth.

In cooperation with Lufthansa we take care of all the necessary steps to provide a smooth operation including medical clearance, booking, providing the appropriate Physician and Assistant, and also the corresponding transfers by Ground- and Air Ambulance.

On ultra-long-haul routes the PTC - sometimes in conjunction with an Air Ambulance Jet - often comprises the best solution with regard to cost efficiency and patient's safety and comfort.

LH PTC Patient Transport Compartment
(courtesy of Deutsche Lufthansa)

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