VIP-Medical Standby and Event Cover

For personalities and celebrities from Industry, Politics, Sports and Media we provide tailored concepts to guarantee individualised medical services and treatment at special events or while traveling.

When requested our highly qualified medical teams - consisting of experienced EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Physicians - are deployed worldwide and made available around-the-clock to ensure the highest emergency medical standard, even in remote areas.

We also provide discreet and highly efficient emergency medical cover at TV and Film production sites as well as company and private events of most kinds.

Medical incidents and emergencies are not preventable. With MAS as your partner you can rest assured that your Guests, Celebrities and high profile VIPs are in the best of hands if and when anything unforeseen occurs.

Don't let an unexpected medical incident become your image nightmare ! Take the necessary precautions ! 

  • reducing the "Non-Therapy Intervall"
  • decreasing the risk of consequential damage
  • higher chances of survival
  • professional, undercover standby / presentation
  • sensitive but consequent assessment and treatment

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